The American Helicopter Society History Committee exists to coordinate scholarly research and preservation efforts within the rotary wing and VTOL communities.  Membership within the committee is open to interested current members of the American Helicopter Society.  This website is a means for disseminating some of the accumulated knowledge of the committee membership for interested parties to facilitate further study in the field of rotary wing and VTOL history.  With the generally poor quality of online information, this website is intended to provide primary source material for research, preservation and interpretive programs in the subject field.

The AHS History Committee showcases many of its ongoing projects at the Annual AHS Forum, and interested parties are encouraged to submit proposals for scholarly papers.  The AHS History Committee meets in the fall and spring in addition to the Annual Forums.

Current AHS History Committee Officers:

Roger Connor, National Air and Space Museum

Deputy Chair
Mike Hirschberg, Centra Technologies

Jason Pereira, University of Maryland

Alyssa Russell, The George Washington University